Foresight (North East Lincolnshire) Limited operates throughout North and North East Lincolnshire to meet the needs and requirements of disabled people, their families, and carers. Our Mission Statement is “To provide the way forward for the disabled community of North and North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. Empowering individuals to a new beginning, a brighter future, and a full and enjoyable life.” 


The organisation is active in influencing policy through partnership and network working. Foresight is well represented on various steering groups and committees including local government, primary care trust and the voluntary sector forum.


The organisation promotes active citizenship assisting to remove the barriers to social exclusion. We encourage participation through volunteering and strive to offer a professional service of the highest quality, underpinned by communication and consultation with our service users and working in partnership with other agencies involved with service delivery.


Foresight works to improve the quality of life for its service users, building confidence and combating disadvantage. By the provision of new opportunities, raising awareness and partnership working we address the stigma and myths surrounding the disability and break down barriers enabling individuals to lead a full and independent lifestyle.


Foresight is user-led in the provision of facilities and activities and we currently provide a wide range of learning, training, leisure, sporting and social activities all specifically adapted to meet the needs and requirements of the disability. To further support and complement this we offer information, advice and guidance surgeries on benefits, independent living, job search, careers, all aspects of health e.g. opticians, doctors, dentists, community and home safety and other related issues to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ to meet the needs and requirements of our service users.
Until recently Foresight has worked as a traditional charity, raising funds and grants to pay for the costs of service delivery. This way of working proved effective as the organisation was growing however as demand for Foresight’s services have spiralled it has become clear that in the longer term working this way was not sustainable. Foresight in close consultation with a variety of agencies and statutory organisations are moving towards a service delivery model based on tenders and mainstream contracts and through Local Area Agreements.

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