Foresight Silver Jubilee

The heritage project is a year long celebration of our charity's 25th silver jubilee anniversary, dedicated to preserving and showcasing the heritage of the local disabled community. This endeavour involves a diverse range of activities designed to engage our beneficiaries, volunteers, and the broader community in a meaningful exploration of our shared heritage.

We aim to provide a platform for self-expression, creative exploration, and story telling, which will make a significant contribution to the sense of belonging and self-worth of our beneficiaries.

The project will be based in our charity's headquaters, a place of significance for both the organization and the community it has served for the past 25 years. The current site itself, while not a grand historical building for the history of Foresight, holds an immence importance for our community. it has witnessed the growth and evolution of our charity, the achievements and contributions  of our beneficiaries, and the amount of time and dedication put in by our volunteers. The other buildings that where used for Foresights headquaters will be explored as the base of our activities.


Within our project, we will deliver a series of engaging activities that have been developed through co-production. Hosted weekly, Heritage Days involving beneficiaries in various activities , such as photography of our old buildings and previous users, the creation of an audio libary allowing past and present beneficiaries to express themselves and to tell their story in their own way, video interviews, and drawing/painting from a historical perspective. Participants will colaborate to create a time capsule, encapsulating their heritage for future generations. 

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