Crosby Awards 2023

Crosby Community Hub takes immense pride in celebrating the successes of our beneficanes, volunteers and staff as they continue to garner well-deserved recognition and awards. Their achievements are a testament to the collaborative efforts and innovative solutions provided by Crosby Community Hub. We are dedicated to fostering a partnership that goes beyond conventional business relationships, aiming for mutual growth and prosperity. As our customers achieve milestones and receive accolades, we find inspiration in their accomplishments, driving us to continually elevate the standards of excellence in our products and services. This shared success reinforces Crosby's commitment to delivering exceptional value and expertise to the community and surrounding areas. We look forward to witnessing and contributing to the continued success of our esteemed customers on their award-winning journeys.

Sarah Preston

Sports person of the year award - Scunthorpe

Awarded to the person who has achieved and excelled in sports this year.


Kevin Hutchins

Most improved learner award Scunthorpe

Awarded to the beneficiary who has shown the most improvement within the last year, in behaviour and the skills that they have developed.



Kevin Collins

Learner of the year award Scunthorpe

For the individual who has achieved significant personal development through learning and education. 



Tina Cooper

Outstanding progress award Scunthorpe

For the individual who has demonstrated improvement and progression in the past year through activities in the centre.



Ben Graham

Carl Taylor memorial award 

Award in memory in Carl Taylor, a former patron of our Scunthorpe Centre, for the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to our Scunthorpe Centre.



Gareth Clements

Best Newcomer to Scunthorpe Day Services

For the individual who has accessed our day services for the first time this year and who has excelled in their progress and personal development. 




Peer Support Award - Scunthorpe

This award has been voted by our beneficiaries at our Scunthorpe Day Centre for their peer that they feel has supported them the most throughout the year.




Alex Nabais

Beneficaries Staff Member of the Year Award  

This award has been voted by the beneficiaries at Foresight in Scunthorpe.


Chantal Preston

Volunteer of the Year Award - Scunthorpe

Thisawarded is given the person who has gone above and beyond their role as a volunteer within the past year.



Gini Ost

Chair Person’s Award North Lincolnshire 

For the person (based at Foresight, Scunthorpe) who has contributed the most and has gone above and beyond what was expected of them with their role.



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